Matamata Peddlers Cycling Club

Click on this link to be taken to their website.

These guys have an incredibly well organised club of about 100 members – all ages.
We are proud to say that the club rides under the RCA Charter.

Their website has all the information regarding ride days, times, and meeting points – so check them out if you are in the area or look out for their distinctive club cycling shorts and tops.

Their club rides are as follows:

Sunday Group rides – three grades, A’s 60-100Kms, B’s 40-60Kms and C’s 25-40Kms

Meet and leave from the car park of Tainui Press, 7 Shorts Street, Matamata at 9.00am during summer (leave at 10am during Winter)

Wednesday evening Group Rides – three Grades, A’s 25-35Kms, B’s 25-30Kms, C’s 20- 25Kms

Meet and leave from outside Matamata Primary School, Broadway Matamata 6.00pm during Summer only

Wednesday Winter Spin Class – Presbyterian Church Hall, Meura Street, Matamata 6.00pm during Winter only

Go the Mooloos !