Pickled Pedallers


The Pickled Pedallers are a group of keen casual/social riders who have formed a mutually supportive riding group on Auckland’s North Shore, to train, have fun, and ride in cycling events throughout New Zealand.
From humble beginnings their numbers have grown along with their levels of fitness and the types of events they enter and compete in.
They cater to all levels of abilities and fitness, and encourage new riders to come along and join them.

They have the motto –   “We all start together, we all finish together”. 

Their website can be found here: http://www.pickledpedallers.co.nz/about_us.html   – and although they have some testosterone-fuelled super cyclists in their group (they are not a club), they also pride themselves on catering to the ‘newbies’ and try to look after them so they don’t get scared off (or dropped, and lost).
Interestingly, and despite the above ,they often hear “Oh yes, I’m going to come and join you when I get my fitness up a bit” – which seems to indicate that some people have the wrong impression and are a little intimidated by what they think seems to be (from the outside) some semi-professional, ultra-serious roadies.

In fact they tell us the opposite is true!….as you can sort of gather from the photos below……

2011 - Melbourne - "Round The Bay in A Day" event ( ...not Mission Bay....)


Don't be intimidated....honestly... they're all friendly!

Their ride calendar is here:  http://www.pickledpedallers.co.nz/event_calendar.html – you can see there are a number of other regular weekly rides posted here, and these suit different fitness levels and objectives.
The Sunday rides are posted on the calendar on (or about) the Tuesday immediately preceding.

They can also be found on our Forum here:  http://www.pickledpedallers.co.nz/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=5
 The Forum is their main means of communication (and requires registration)…

...but serious about nutrition...


...and rehydration....