Podium Pro Cycling Gear

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My name is Phil Gaimon. I’m a professional cyclist, a coach, a freelance writer, and co-founder of Podium Cycling, with my business partner, Jonathan Ciaccio. We started a store at www.sharethedamnroad.com, selling jerseys for cycling advocacy, and were amazed at how well they were received by our customers and the cycling community.
Our store was successful for two reasons:
1. Cyclists are frustrated at their inability to communicate with motorists, and the dangers of riding on the road.
2. Cyclists are tired of wearing generic pro team kits and overpriced Euro gear. They want to wear something cool, functional on the bike, and looking good at the coffee shop.
For Podium Cycling, we set out to solve #2. We learned the business, found great quality manufacturers and extras, like high-quality zippers and European fabrics. I tested our gear myself, and sponsored the El Gato Pro Cyclocross Team for more input and development, allowing us to constantly improve our quality. We think you’ll find that it’s the best out there. Seriously.