Tour of Britain



 Each team taking part in The Tour of Britain is made up of six cyclists. Generally each team will have a leader for whom all the riders will work for to place as high as possible on the general classification. The teams will also have a sprinter, a mountain climber and the rest will form the role of domestique.

IG Markets Gold Jersey

The IG Markets Gold Jersey is awarded to the rider who is leading the race, particularly in multi-stage races and The Tour of Britain. It allows the rider who was in the overall lead at the end of the previous day to be easily identified.


Points Jersey

The ‘Points Jersey’ is awarded to the rider who has accumulated points for being the highest placed rider each day over the course of the entire race.


Yodel Sprints Jersey

On each stage of the race there are three sprints built into the route and whoever wins these sprints acquires points to lay claim to wear the green and red Yodel Sprints Jersey.


Skoda King of the Mountains Jersey

The ‘Polka Dot Jersey’, or King of The Mountain Jersey as it is sometimes referred to, is awarded to the best climber in the race. On each stage there are usually between three and four steep climbs, graded by degree of difficulty, and the riders compete to accumulate points by being the first to reach each summit.