RCA – PBT Cycling Team

Welcome to the RCA – PBT Cycling Team Page

RCA  –  Slight Name Change
Firstly you will have noticed that we have changed our name from the Responsible Cyclists Association to the NZ Road Cyclists Association.
This is to better express our identity and further the responsible cycling message but also now that we have grown in popularity and appeal and are entering sponsorship phase we need to be involved in more than just the promotion of respect between cyclists and motorists and good riding behaviours in the interest of maximising safety – we  also want to be an organisation which promotes improved skills and knowledge in riding generally and provide support for all road cyclists – from  beginners to good club riders.
However, the underlying charter and commitment to responsible  riding remains  fundamental to our organisation.

TRP – Another slight name change coming in 2017
We’re excited to announce that next year the team will most probably have a new strip as a result of negotiations with a new sponsor.
The new team name is most likely to be  very similar but change to RCA – TRP
More to be announced in the new year.

GMC Coaching Partnership
We’d like to thank Gordon McCauley for his massive contribution to the success of the team so far this year.
Gordon and GMC Coaching have been pivotal in helping us identify and select riders for various events this year including Tour of Northland, K2 and The Taupo Great Lake Challenge.
Our most notable success so far this tear has been Gordon’s Stage 1 win of the Tour of Northland which also resulted in Gordon wearing the Tour Leader’s jersey – See Photo.


Look out for our marquee at K2 and Taupo this year ….and feel free to drop in and say Hi – we might even have a sausage on the barbie for you !



Go well and ride safely