USA – Iowa – Ragbrai

Click Here to go to NY TImes Video news segment on the Event.

Check out the friendliness of this multi day ride from one side of the State of Iowa to the other.

This is a Video Link so it takes a little while to load – 20 -30 seconds maybe.
It is a great film clip to watch in order see the ‘race’ and its atmosphere exactly as it is.

An American friend sent me this link. He has done it and insists it is a ride worth doing – especially if you like partying.

Having visited the area and hung out in Desmoines for a while I can recommend it as a slice of the best lifestyle middle America has to offer …it is America “as seen on TV” and includes the famous ‘Bridges of Madison County”.

The daily distances are sometimes serious but fairly easy flat riding and you can be as competitive as you wish …all with top notch logistics support and social activities.