Additional Info & Comment – Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

Click here for the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge Website

We are planning to be there – this is most people’s ‘first decent cycle race’ – it can be taken seriously or done just for fun.

If you are planning to do it ‘for fun’ I should explain …… I recall an incident one year – now enshrined in folklore – when a group of about 30 of us were half way around.
Everyone was dead quiet as we hauled slowly up a huge hill.
Although we couldn’t see him, we could hear a bagpiper at the top piping us up.
It felt surreal. Not a cloud in the sky. It was at least 30 degrees already.There was no wind and not a sound from the bikes or anyone in the group.
Just as we neared the top the intense silence and concentration was broken when one of the group gasped loudly …”Who’s @#&*@! idea was THIS !!!??? “.
We all began to laugh so much we nearly fell off our bikes……so it’s fun in that kind of sense.

It is apparently the biggest cycle race in the Southern Hemisphere and one of only a half dozen officially sanctioned UCI events in NZ.

If you aren’t doing it this year …don’t miss it next year !