Hill Climbing Tips -…… “Hate Hills? ….Then You Need to Get Over Them !!!”

Skinny Boy says …   “When it comes to mid week cycling training,  if it doesn’t hurt …you’re not doin it right! ”   ( Doesn’t apply of course  to those long easy weekend rides that are such a key part of effective training.)

But seriously, the good news is that it is not all pain if you want to get better – here’s how to do it smarter.

The article below has some interesting examples of the ‘physics’ involved – it’s a short but informative analysis as to just how huge the advantage is for Skinny Boy on the hills, why you can’t catch up on the downhill side, but how you can  improve enough to still stay in touch and dish out the pain to Skinny Boy on the flats.

An additional training tip I have found useful in keeping with the spirit of the article (doing a good warm up – and not gasping )  is picking one or two big hills once a week and deliberately climbing them one gear lower than you would normally.
For most riders this will usually mean second gear … ( I wouldn’t recommend using the big chain ring as an alternative to second gear though – it’s too inefficient and hard on the bike )
The benefit of this is amazing – every if you only do it every now and then- it improves your confidence and lifts your mental paradigm – but also it makes you a  stronger hill climber.

Hill Climbing – Higher Faster Smoother