Tonto features in North Shore Times

Tonto featured in NSTA

Recently I wrote a series of three articles for the North Shore Times Advertiser, highlighting some of the most inconsiderate cycling behaviours on our roads which the RCA is targeting.

As always, I tried for a balanced and positive tone thanking and encouraging both cyclists and motorists for good behaviour whilst pointing out areas for improvement.

The aim in the articles was to let motorists know we are mindful and respectful of them, not to judge all cyclists by the behaviours of a few, and remind all cyclists that if we want respect then we will have to avoid being inconsiderate.

The articles are humorous but make some strong points and were aimed to give motorists some understanding that the majority of cyclists are well behaved and would like their respect but, as is always the case, a highly visible minority spoil things for the rest.

That said, I genuinely believe that road sharing attitudes in general are noticeably improving.
Cyclists seem to be getting the message that red light running for instance, whilst possibly not the worst crime or most dangerous of all the poor cycling behaviours,  is the one that is most visible and most riles motorists more than any other. As a result such behaviour seems to be on the decline.

Motorists on the other hand seem to have developed more widespread concern with regard to potentially harming a cyclist and so greatly appreciate our assistance to pass safely. Sadly I think this improvement in motorist awareness is partly the result of some recent high profile tragedies which have given them a clear picture of the suffering both sides endure in such cases.

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FIRST ARTICLE  – “Middle Aged Men In Lycra”�
( In the Sports Section at the back)

SECOND ARTICLE  – “Fruitbats and Punters “
 ( In the Sports Section at the back)

 THIRD ARTICLE  –  “Gladiators and Cowboys”
 ( In the Sports Section at the back)