Introducing Tonto – (modelling the RCA logo sticker….)

Hi ,
I’m Tonto so watch out for me ….especially if you’re a motorist !
As you can see , I’ve gone for the “Cycling Nun” look in these shots…….

People ask me how I got the nickname……well here’s the official story … sort of evolved whislt training with ‘Fatboy’ in the one degree frosts and rain in the Waitakeres all winter ….but crystallised whilst on tour together in Europe …..Fatboy and I had decided to do an Ironman event in Southern France – Monaco to be exact.
I arrived ahead of time to acclimatise and check out the bike course through the edge of the Alpes Maratimes….. 3 Tour de France style mountain climbs on the bike section …one of them was 22km to the summit ….in 35 degree heat…. it was the toughest thing we had ever tackled.
I ended up being the scout, who also had to organise his hotels and gear, and describe every bend of the course in detail prior to the event in order to get him through the mountains safely on the day.
As a sign of his deep respect and appreciation he came to regularly refer to me as the ‘Domestique’ and in response I humbly acknowledged him as ‘Kimosabe’, which translated, is actually an insult along the lines of ‘Great White W……..’. Quite fitting I thought.
Inevitably I became Tonto…which seemed better than ‘Skinny Boy” at the time………and it has stuck…..along with our deep respect for each other…..yeah right!.