About Our Logo

Here we explain how the logo came about and why it is designed the way it is.

(Click on the images and you will see them full size and uncropped)

My original concept came to me as I was drifting off to sleep one night and I was able to get out of bed and quickly scribble them down – it only took a few minutes to draw the evolution of the concept from bicycle to glasses and finally to the central chain link concept ….( funnily enough you can tell it was dark …….)

Phil at Hedgehog Bikes told me he had a really hot graphic artist …a good Kiwi bloke named Phil (Sheamus) O’Rielly of POD Design….Ponsonby chap but kosher according to Phil.
He set set out madly designing concepts until I stopped him in his tracks with my beautifully articulated chain link concept (…yeah right ). In our discussions I mentioned that I wanted something using this element as well as something that said “AA” for cyclists.
I have to thank Phil for taking the link , giving it ‘voice’ and actually linking it….the circle of chain links was born. I had experimented with writing the R C A in a double chain link logo but Phil politely explained that it just didn’t work … the circle of links was the defining moment.
I added the yellow border around it and voila ! as the French say….the Daisy logo was born.

The circle of chain links is a perfect symbol of cycling but it also represents the joining of all road users in a strong, equally balanced, peaceful alliance.

The centre of the logo is a deliberate visual pun and a salute to the British motoring organisation, the RAC as a reflection of our desire to do for cyclists what this organisation and the AA have done for motorists. We want to be a non – political voice of reason , support and good comaraderie among people with a passion for the sport of touring.

The daisy represents a stylised version of the flower from the peace meovement of the 60s – so many cyclists are baby boomers ( or simply ‘defiant ex-hippies’), that I thought this should strike a chord.

There are many more subtle nuances in creating what I hope will become an immediately recognisable shape, it’s smooth flowing lines, the choice of colours, the fact that it looks like the chain ring, our by line ” By Cyclists- For Cyclists” and so on, but I won’t labour them here.

I hope you enjoy the underlying thought that has gone into the logo concept and enjoy your association with the RCA.