What is the RCA?

The RCA is a not for profit organisation with one single aim…to promote a friendly and respectful relationship between cyclists and other road users – predominantly motorists.

The cornerstone of the RCA is a simple cycling “Charter”

This can be viewed on our website and printed off, and it is a simple list of 10 principles which we all agree to abide by. Observing the ‘spirit’ of the charter and its key messages, is as important as the 10 simple rules themselves.

Our philosophy is that in order to get respect, you must first show respect.

Our emphasis is on considerate and intelligent riding habits, effecting gradual culture change through positive peer pressure, and encouraging peaceful road sharing behaviours.

The RCA is NOT an aggressive, punitive or political organisation and while it appreciates the wonderful work other cycling organisations do to promote cyclists ‘rights’, our focus is on our ‘responsibilities’.
We have no ties to any other cycling bodies, local government or transport authorities, and no agenda to lobby for changes to road rules, or to become embroiled in debates over cycle lanes and so on.

It is an organisation run “By Cyclists – For Cyclists” to promote the image of cyclists to other road users by visibly distinguishing its members from the minority of reckless, inconsiderate or rudely behaved riders who sadly have given cycling a bad reputation.

Who Are the RCA?

The RCA was founded by Rowan Larsen ( aka “Tonto” ), an Auckland based cyclist and triathlete alarmed at the rapidly deteriorating relationship between cyclists and motorists and despite much talk, the lack of effective initiatives to address the root causes.

The RCA is endorsed by BIANZ (The Bike Industries Association of NZ ) Without their foundation support, and promotion through their member stores, the RCA could not have successfully launched this nationwide initiative.

By Lines You’ll See Us Use Frequently

“By Cyclists – For Cyclists”
“A Toot and a Wave”
“Mum Said…. Play Nicely !”