Open Letter to Max Key

November 1, 2016 | No comments | Technical Articles

In Response to Max Key’s Video Posted on Facebook



The New Zealand Road Cyclists Association (RCA) is entirely committed to improving road safety through fostering mutual respect between cyclists and motorists.
We have to express our utter disappointment and dismay at Max Key’s incredibly damaging behaviour towards cyclists this week and Max’s lack of accountability so far over it.


RCA has spent thousands of dollars (all privately raised) to promote courteous road sharing behaviour and has made great progress. Unfortunately Max’s comments and the publicity surrounding them have significantly undermined so much of our good work.
He has taken us several steps backwards in an instant.
Is the Prime Minister’s son so keen on public office that he has appointed himself spokesperson for the knuckle dragging morons that represent the lowest echelons of our society? Maybe he should play golf with Mr Trump – he might enjoy it more than a round with Mr Obama.

His comments were so stupid that if squirrels could talk, even a squirrel would know not to say such things, let alone post them on Facebook.


This leads me personally to question the attitudes he learns at home.

His father appears to be completely out of touch as to the damage done to road safety and his response appears to show very little understanding of wider issues.

A news item quotes “John Key told press in India on Thursday that his son had rung him to apologise, and that he didn’t mean to “make the sort of comment he made in the way he did”.

John Key said it was a “poor attempt at humour”, and that his son fully takes responsibility for the comment.”


I translated these comments as “It’s all OK. He didn’t say what he said. And anyway my son’s homophobic, misogynist, bigoted comments and his bullying behaviour towards cyclists belong entirely to him, and can’t be connected in any way to me (even though I’m his father and the issue has only been given publicity because I’m Prime Minister of NZ).
Bronagh and I don’t have a parenting issue, Max is not deeply insecure, and if the spin doctors work really hard on it we can twist this whole thing around to be out of context and all in good fun like ‘My Little Pony”. In fact we can probably make Max look like the victim in all this.”


John and Bronagh I’m sorry to inform you that no matter what decent qualities you may see in your son you are responsible at least to some degree and you appear to have a parenting issue. Perhaps Max might benefit from a Charter to guide his behaviour like the one we encourage our cyclists to follow. The second rule of our Charter states – “We give respect first in order to gain respect second”. This is the foundation of a civilised society.


And next Anzac Day commemorations you might like to ponder this Max.
In 1944 young NZ men (real men) your age were storming the beaches at Normandy. Surprising as you may find this, the aim was not to enable young men like you in 2016 to use social media to try to target groups of society (aka.real people with real lives) who for some unfathomable reason aren’t ‘uber-cool wannabe Beliebers’, or for you to have a cry about a bad haircut.


You owe every cyclist in NZ and apology.

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