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  • Cycling News.Com

    Click on this link to go to Cycle News .Com …my favourite cycling news source. This is an excellent source for all international cycling news – (with a million ads )….but the latest easy to read breaking news on all the big names in cycling and full reports including the results from events.  In – depth […]

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  • Open Letter to Max Key

    In Response to Max Key’s Video Posted on Facebook 30.10.16   The New Zealand Road Cyclists Association (RCA) is entirely committed to improving road safety through fostering mutual respect between cyclists and motorists. We have to express our utter disappointment and dismay at Max Key’s incredibly damaging behaviour towards cyclists this week and Max’s lack […]

  • The Helmet Debate – RCA View

    Helmet Debate The helmet debate reared its head again (pun intended) over the last week or so with an item on Close Up We wouldn’t normally take much notice of sensationalising or over hyping media such as Close Up but it is an opportunity for the RCA to post a view. Obviously first and foremost […]

  • Compulsory High Viz Vests Debate – RCA View

    The RCA opposes the unilateral suggestion of making high viz cycling vests compulsory for cyclists. If the proposal were to be significantly modified to effectively address the points below then we might review our opinion. See below under ‘Alternatives’ In the meantime we wish to give some reasons why the RCA opposes what many people might argue is […]

  • Tonto Writes for the NSTA

    Tonto featured in NSTA Recently I wrote a series of three articles for the North Shore Times Advertiser, highlighting some of the most inconsiderate cycling behaviours on our roads which the RCA is targeting. As always, I tried for a balanced and positive tone thanking and encouraging both cyclists and motorists for good behaviour whilst […]

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